Think You Have the Flu? Reschedule that Dentist Appointment

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Think You Have the Flu? Reschedule that Dentist Appointment

We can do all the right things to avoid the flu: eat a healthy diet, get plenty of rest, wash our hands frequently, avoid contact with people that are ill, get a flu shot, etc. However, even with all of these precautions, there are bound to be certain flu seasons where you are just one of the unlucky ones. If you are starting to sneeze, have the chills, feel exhausted, achy, and you look at your calendar and see you’re supposed to go in for a dental cleaning tomorrow, you may want to give your dental office a call and see if they agree that rescheduling is the best idea. Your Kerrville dentist, Dr. Huff, explains a little more about the flu in relation to dentistry.

Catching the Flu

The influenza virus is acquired through contact with droplets of mucus. This may sound easy enough to avoid, but unfortunately, the germs and mucosal transmissions can be microscopic. You don’t have to be in direct line with the trajectory of an infected person’s cough or sneeze in order to be exposed. While you can wash your hands frequently in an effort to avoid becoming ill, if a flu is going around at your place of work, or your child’s school, or at the mall, or anywhere that lots of people share space, you can come in contact the flu virus in 100s of ways. You can also inadvertently transmit the flu to others when you are sick, so taking a few days to recuperate at home is the best plan of action.

Influenza at the Dentist

Most medical offices will strongly encourage all employees to receive flu shots, follow good hand washing practices, and stay home when ill. In the effort to keep a germ free office, patients experiencing flu-like symptoms are encouraged to reschedule appointments when applicable. When in doubt, simply call the dental office and explain your situation and symptoms. If you have experienced a fever within the last 24 hours, the dentist will likely prefer that you cancel, and make a future appointment for when you’re feeling well.

Contact Your Kerrville Dentist

If you are concerned about flu symptoms and need to reschedule an appointment with Dr. Huff, contact our 78028 dentist office by calling (830) 896-8343. We offer comprehensive dentistry services to patients from Kerrville and all surrounding communities.